Case Studies

Professional Management May Help Your Association Realize Greater Cost-Savings



Siding Repair and Paint Project:
HMC was asked to assist with the selection of siding and paint contractors for exterior building repairs.

One of the board members had some experience as a general contractor and wanted to be involved in the building inspections and preparation of a scope of work from which to solicit bids.  HMC was able to introduce the board to a well-respected local general contractor who spent approximately 80 labor hours, up-front with no charge to the HOA, completing a very detailed inspection and 40+ page scope of work for wood damage, siding repair and replacement.  HMC then helped solicit three bids based on the scope of work, allowing the board to easily compare them “apples-to-apples”.  Ultimately the association chose to work with the original contractor who prepared the scope of work.  The board and community members were extremely pleased with the process, the personnel used to complete the work, as well as the end result.

HMC met on-site with Kelly Moore Paints and three experienced paint contractors. HMC worked with Kelly Moore to develop a detailed scope of work from which to solicit painting bids.  Once a bid was selected, HMC was able to help negotiate a 12 month payment plan for the paint project, with no interest charges. This accommodation helped the association avoid taking out a loan, raising dues or passing a special assessment in order to complete the paint project on time. The community was able to paint the entire complex rather than phasing the work over time, preserving the wood siding and protecting it from more extensive wood damage.  The cost to finance this project through traditional means would have approximated $10,000 in fees and interest. The association also avoided the administrative expenses and time associated with the special assessment ballot process.


Landscape Maintenance Service Provider:

The board wanted to expand the scope of work for the current landscape company but also wondered if they were paying too much.  HMC was asked to help draft a new scope of work with additional desired services from which to solicit bids.  Three proposals were obtained including one from the current provider. The current service provider’s bid was not the highest bid, nor the lowest.  HMC was able to approach the current landscape company and negotiate a renewal of their contract at a slightly lower rate with the expanded scope of work while also adding all sprinkler repairs “from the elbow, up”; (previously charged at time and materials).  This action is saving the association nearly $12,000 annually, plus the ongoing cost of sprinkler repairs.


Waste Removal / Illegal Dumping:

The community was experiencing a terrible ongoing problem with illegal dumping from residents and non-residents causing overflowing trash bins and extra trips to the dump. HMC helped introduce multiple solutions which have made significant improvements to curb the illegal dumping, address issues as they arise to keep the area neat as well as save the association approximately $20,000 annually in waste and dumping fees.