An Experienced Team

Our certified Community Association Managers leverage the latest technology and software with an extensive network of contacts, continuous education, and a strong support system. We also take care to ensure each manager has a reasonable and balanced work load which allows them to provide the very best possible customer service experience to everyone they come in contact with.

This combination of industry expertise and personal attention enables HMC to deliver the premium service that fosters pride in community while providing peace of mind – to homeowners and Board members alike. With HMC, you can be confident you are making the right decision for your community.

Jason Brown, Broker, CCAM, CEO/Principal. Jason advises and consults with HOA Boards of Directors, homeowners, real estate developers and industry professionals on best practices related to community association management; including financial, operational and administrative strategies.  Jason found interest in sharing his knowledge in residential and commercial real estate and financial performance with the HOA community by enhancing services, coordinating educational events and providing honest communication and transparency in an industry not known for such things. Jason was nominated for the 2018 CACM Vision Award for Educational Excellence and HMC was awarded the 2018 CACM Vision Award for Inspirational Culture.

Prior to Homeowners Management Company, Jason worked as a District Manager and Regional Market Manager for GMAC Mortgage throughout California and Hawaii, mentoring, consulting and operating multiple retail lending branches, and providing training to mortgage professionals. Jason has approached each new chapter in his professional career by studying the operations from the bottom up and bringing fresh perspective and solutions to make each operation more successful than when he found it.

Jason is a Certified Community Association Manager (CCAM) and a licensed Broker since 2006. (DRE #01751853)   As a former financial analyst, Regional and District Manager in the lending industry, he brings a very strong background in budgeting, finance, operational management, marketing and customer service to HMC.  He currently owns property in several homeowners associations in various parts of the country as both as a homeowner and investor.

Betina Hunt, CCAM, CAM-EX, Director of Operations is a long time affiliate of CAI–National and former Executive Director of CAI-Bay Area & Central Chapter.  Betina is extremely well regarded as a mentor, consultant, author, educator and advisor in the industry.  She frequently attends statewide Legislative Action Committee meetings with our legislators in Sacramento to be a positive and constructive advocate for ethics in our industry and remains an active manager and member of both CAI and CACM.

For six consecutive years, 2003-2007, Betina held an Executive Board position with CAI.  Betina was President of the CAI–Bay Area & Central CA Chapter in 2014.  During her term as President, Betina was instrumental in creating and implementing the Manager Certification Scholarship Program and the Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM) Mentoring Program; she wrote and developed the course to challenge the Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) exam.

Betina has served as Chair of CAI’s Ladies Tea Committee and a member of the CAI-Cares Committee – awarded Committee of the Year 2016, and has authored articles published in CAI’s magazine, The Communicator. Betina was nominated for the 2018 CACM Vision Award for Path to Professionalism and has her sights set on joining the CACM Board of Directors this year.

Laura Ravazza, PCAM, CCAM-PM, Senior Community Association Manager has 11 years’ experience in property management.  Over the years Laura has helped her client communities with asphalt projects, painting projects, pool renovation projects, landscape and irrigation upgrades, plumbing upgrades, governing document re-writes, obtaining bank loans, emergency crisis management and reconstruction projects.  These experiences and her active participation in our industry has allowed her to develop strong relationships with a broad group of local industry professionals including specialty contractors, HOA attorneys and scores of service providers, community neighbors and local governmental agencies.

Laura has earned the highly regarded PCAM certification through Community Associations Institute as well as her CCAM-PM certification from the California Association of Community Managers.  She was awarded Manager of the Year 2016 by CAI Bay Area and Central CA Chapter and was a top 10 finalist for 2016 National Manager of the Year.  Laura has served on several committees for CAI including CAI CARES Committee – awarded 2016 Committee of the Year and was a 2015 CACM Vision Award Nominee. More recently Laura was awarded the 2018 CACM Vision Award for Innovator.

Laura currently sits on the Board of Directors for CAI – Bay Area and Central California Chapter.  She also serves CAI as the Chair for Public Relations on the California Legislation Action Committee and Delegate at Large for the Legislative Steering Committee.  Laura is a featured speaker at industry events throughout the state and across the country, helping educate others in the industry by partnering with some of the most recognized professionals in our industry.

Paula Marshall, Community Association Manager has been managing homeowners associations since signing on with HMC 30 years ago. She has managed as many as 12 associations concurrently in the past. These days, Paula is semi-retired and manages four small associations, which allows her to work mainly from home. She particularly likes being a portfolio manager because of the inherent autonomy afforded in being an advisor to several different ‘businesses’, each with a different personality. Each community, be it made up of single family homes, townhomes or condominiums, has different needs which makes each of them unique.

Paula equates her job to that of an air traffic controller at times: one definitely has to be able to multi-task in order to do this type of work successfully. On any given day there are a number of planes trying to take off and land at the same time. A manager’s job is to keep track of all of them and help them get where they need to go. Multi-tasking and follow-up is the name of this game.

Stacey Anderson, CCAM, Community Association Manager has been a community association manager for 17 years. Stacey earned her Certified Community Association Manager (CCAM) designation through California Association of Community Managers (CACM) and attends continuing education classes throughout the year to stay abreast of the changes in the industry. Stacey plans to pursue additional certifications including the Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) designation through Community Associations Institute (CAI), an internationally recognized organization for professional Community Association Managers.

Community association management is Stacey’s passion. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with the community members and Boards of Directors she partners with.  Stacey embraces new challenges with a positive attitude and a strong dedication to customer service.  She enjoys the challenges and complexity of managing a portfolio of community associations and helping each unique Board of Directors accomplish its vision for the community.

Sommer Perry, CCAM, Community Association Manager has been in the property management field since 2013 and earned her CCAM certification from the California Association of Community Managers soon after joining HMC.  Born and raised in Livermore, CA on the family ranch, with deep roots in 4-H and FFA, Sommer began cultivating life-skills in responsibility, hard work, ethics and leadership early on. All of these core skills/values have provided a solid foundation upon which she continues to build her professional career.

While Sommer loves agriculture and the outdoors, her passion is for customer service and care which is evident in her everyday interactions with clients and co-workers. Along with her ability to problem solve effectively, showing empathy and compassion, her natural ability to deliver exceptional customer care led her to a career in property management.

Sommer has worked hard to overcome and master every challenge thrown her way in both her personal and professional life, learning new skills and taking on greater responsibility each step of the way. She embraces every challenge with a positive attitude, remaining focused and organized, and enjoys the diverse challenges and complexity of managing a portfolio of community associations.

Susanne Darner, CCAM, Community Association Manager has been in the property management industry for over 17 years. Susanne began her career as a maintenance technician and was quickly promoted to Maintenance Director before rising to the position of Regional Portfolio Manager.  Susanne is the recipient of the CAI 2013 Regional Portfolio Manager of the Year award and a nominee for the CACM 2014 Rising Champion Vision Award.

Susanne enjoys using her extensive background in maintenance to establish preventative and recurring programs that not only lower costs, but improve the properties she manages. Susanne has a successful track record of building stronger communities by planning and executing sponsored social events at the associations she manages, helping to unite community members without impacting the operating budget.

With a degree in communications, Susanne prides herself on using a proactive and positive communication style to facilitate the needs of homeowners, management, and board members. Her dedication to customer service is always apparent in her professional and cheerful demeanor.


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