As a company owner, you are mindful about its profitability. Success is dependent on understanding the company’s bottom line and return on investment. There are several profitability ratios we’ll quantify to get a true pulse on the health of your company. HMC Consulting is poised to examine your financial standing to help you understand the company’s overall efficiency and performance.

We will identify the following:
• Profitability ratios
- Gross profit margin ratio
- Operating profit margin ratio
- Net profit margin ratio
• Break-even analysis
• Return on assets
• Return on investment



Just as you have a business plan to lead your business through life, you should have one that guides it to a conclusion. What will become of your business once you are no longer involved, and how do you ensure you achieve the best results as you depart? HMC Consulting can help you determine how to best move on or transition from your business.

Working hand in hand with the Business Profitability Analysis, the right exit strategy plan will help you realize substantial gains or minimize losses if the company is not turning a profit. Regardless of the reason you have chosen to exit the business, the best plan is one that is outlined in advance.

There are many factors that go into making the decision of which direction to pursue. We’ll explore the following in your business exit strategy planning:

• How long do you want to stay involved in the business?
• What are your financial goals?
• How do you plan for an exit?
• What type of exit strategy makes sense? A few examples:
- Merger
- Acquisition
- Sell to a partner/investor
- Liquidate
- Bankruptcy



Having a formal business transition plan in place ensures that the goals, priorities and strategies are in place for an effective changeover. Without a clearly defined plan, you may be leaving your personal and financial future to chance, but with proper planning, the likelihood of a successful transition is greatly increased. Developing a transition plan is a complex process that requires an experienced team who will assist you in defining goals, creating a transition plan and a post-transition strategy.

HMC Consulting will help you answer the questions:

• How do I know when the time is right?
• Who are the experts I should have on my transition team?
• What information do I need to prepare for my transition?

You might be thinking, “I know my business better than anyone, why do I need a transition team”? Simply put, the transition process is different from all aspects of running your business and you need advisors who are experienced and capable. Having the right team in place allows you to be free of distraction and continue to focus on running your business.

Together, we’ll design your:

• Pre-transition phase – Clearly identify your goals
• Transition phase – Develop a tailored transition plan
• Post-transition phase – Monitor the process and move beyond the transition


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