Fall Maintenance Tips

As the leaves start to change and temperatures drop, it’s essential to prepare your property for the upcoming fall and winter seasons. We are expecting a similar amount of rainfall as last year so better to prepare ahead of time. 

Here’s a checklist of crucial maintenance tasks to ensure your home remains in top shape:  

Roof Inspections: Schedule a professional roof inspection to check for any signs of damage, loose shingles, or leaks. Repair any issues promptly to prevent water infiltration during fall/winter rains. 

Storm Drains: Clear storm drains of debris and leaves to prevent water buildup and potential flooding. Ensure proper drainage to protect your property from water damage. 

Gutter Cleanings: Clean out gutters and downspouts to prevent clogs and water overflow. Properly functioning gutters help direct water away from your foundation. 

Irrigation Checks: Adjust your irrigation system to accommodate the changing weather conditions. Ensure all sprinklers are working correctly and not wasting water. 

Tree Trimming: Trim branches that are close to your roof or power lines to prevent potential damage during storms. Prune trees and shrubs to maintain a safe environment. 

Taking these fall maintenance steps now will help safeguard your property and ensure a smooth transition into the colder months. Don’t forget to consult with professionals when necessary to ensure the job is done thoroughly and correctly.

To schedule a maintenance checkup, reach out to your community management representative.

In case of an emergency or after-hours issue, please call (925) 946-5105

Pumpkin Bread Recipe

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Wishing you all a safe and fun Halloween!